Indian Homegrown Coffee Brands for the Perfect Brew | Cora

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Indian Homegrown Coffee Brands for the Perfect Brew | Cora

Best Organic Coffee Brands in India

Organic coffee is grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals which gives you cleaner beans, air, land, and water. It’s grown with organic fertilizers such as coffee pulp, chicken manure, or compost. Organic farms emit far less carbon than chemical farms which helps combat amounts of carbon. India is blessed with the perfect climate to grow coffee and as a coffee lover, you must know about the four states that produce the majority of our coffee.

  • Coorg and Chikmagalur: Karnataka
  • Wayanad: Kerala
  • Palani Hills: Tamil Nadu
  • Araku Valley: Visakhapatnam

Freshness is as important as good taste. Consumer behaviour has changed and so has their taste. We want better quality even if it means paying a premium. Many brands in India have tapped on this taste and decided to produce better tasting, organic coffee.

Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai started with a small roastery in Delhi and now has 21 cafes pan-India. It is co-founded by Matt Chitranjan and Namrata Asthana. They cup hundreds of bean samples every harvest before making their final selections. Blue Tokai holds advanced sensory training for their roasters and keep experimenting with processing at the farm level to evolve with time. Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore have become home to Blue Tokai and its delicious coffee.

Auric Gourmet Coffee

Auric has a wildly different take on coffee as it pairs it with Ayurveda. They sell gourmet coffee with curcumin-rich turmeric, approved by USFDA. They pluck the ripe coffee cherries, grind and roast the beans in small batches before being blended with turmeric. Auric’s idea is to provide the best coffee with the numerous benefits of turmeric.

Gruner Coffee

Gruner provides natural and unprocessed arabica green coffee that may help to control hunger, burn fat, boost metabolism, and weight loss. Green coffee also has the highest amount of antioxidants. If you want to control energy levels, detoxify the liver and manage cholesterol, then you must give Gruner a try. 

The Flying Squirrel

It’s a Bangalore-based coffee brand. Their choicest strain of coffee beans comes from Pollibetta, Coorg. Started by Tej Thamaiaah and Ashish D’Abero. They deliver across India and in some parts of the US, UAE, and Australia.

The coffee picking happens in the months of December, January, and February and is processed in different artisan ways. What sets them apart is their grinding time. If you place an order according to the grain size and type of coffee, The Flying Squirrel makes sure to custom grind the beans 5-20 minutes before packaging and sealing. This way the aroma stays locked in and you get the best of the lot.

Why IS Organic Coffee The Best?

Organic coffee is healthy for us, the farmers who grow it, and the environment. It’s grown without pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, which automatically makes it much healthier than conventional coffee. Methods such as using shade trees to protect plants from overexposure to sunlight keep the beans in prime condition and foliage supplies extra nutrients to the soil which gives higher quality coffee beans.

Is Organic Coffee Better For Stomach?

Yes. Organic coffee is packed with antioxidants and fiber and is free of harmful chemicals. It also makes you feel more energised by increasing your metabolism. The level of acidity in organic coffee is significantly lower than conventional coffee which makes it easier to digest.


What To Look For While Buying Organic Coffee

Though organic coffee is healthy, it isn’t perfect. A perfect coffee goes beyond organic. You need to look for coffee that is specialty grade, mould and mycotoxin free, roasted in a smokeless machine and lab tested to ensure it’s free of harmful toxins. Now you know the checklist of organic coffee, what’s stopping you from taking that leap?


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