Best Artisanal Food Brands for Sustainable Eating

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Best Artisanal Food Brands for Sustainable Eating

The Rise of Artisanal Products in India and How it is Changing our Lifestyle

Do I still need to stress why we should switch to healthy indulgence? The demand for healthy consumption paved the way for artisanal food. Artisanal food is handmade products in small batches with traditional techniques for production instead of automation. 

But artisanal is far from organic. Organic foods are grown without any chemicals but the process of production can be automated. You probably use artisanal products in your daily life but have no idea about it. 

Artisan Made Goods Used in Our Daily Lives

From ceramic goods for the kitchen,  textiles for clothes and bags, and even baked goods like loaves of bread and chocolates, artisan-made products are all around us. They are exclusive and handmade with attention to detail and materials. The artisans are paid fair wages for their work and are highly respected. 

The Positive Effects of Buying Artisan Products

Supporting artisans allows us to support small and local businesses and shows our appreciation towards handmade products. We prioritise their creativity in the market and give them a platform to share their tradition and craft. However, you do need to remember that without third-party verification, ‘artisan made’ does not mean the products are ethically produced. 

7 Indian Artisanal Food Brands to Check Out

There are many artisanal food brands in India and we bring you the best of the lot. You can put your faith in them and choose the delicious products they have to offer. 

Dhampur Green

They are one of the largest specialty sugars and jaggery manufacturers in the world and are committed to providing customers with chemical-free, pure and natural products. With Dhampur Green, you never have to worry about the quality of the products as they take pride in delivering the best with superior taste. What’s holding you back from choosing Dhampur Green as your default sugar supplier?  


D-Alive really tapped into the comfort of grandma’s food as all their products have dadima's culinary magic. With a personal experience of a lifelong disorder, type 1 diabetes, they started as a team of two and grew into a large force within a few years. 

The Gourmet Jar

Nobody empowers women better than The Gourmet jar with their entire team consisting of female-only staff. The Gourmet Jar sources most of its ingredients from farmers across the country to ensure they only use the best quality of produce. To revive that inner chef, choose from their delectable range of products made with pure and natural ingredients. Now is the time to unleash the masterchef in you!


In synergy with mother nature is how we can live our best life. Kapiva keeps the principles of Ayurveda in mind while blessing you with the best products sourced from pure and unadulterated nature. They match the freshest ingredients with ayurvedic processes to create an abundance of health and wellbeing. 


Looking for milk products, but afraid of gaining that excess calorie? Basta milk is here to provide 100% clean, green and ethically produced milk from happy and healthy beetal goats. Naturally rich in important nutrients, goat milk also supports the immune system and cell growth. It’s a key ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines and Basta does an exceptional job in bringing artisanal goat milk products to you at your convenience. What’s stopping you now?

Casarecce Artisanal Pasta

Rolling your first batch of pasta can be exhilarating, especially for food lovers like you. Bringing that love to the table is Casarecce, an ode to fresh artisanal pasta by a mother-daughter duo with an amalgamation of traditional and global flavours with the best of Indian grains. From tomato sauces to different varieties of pasta, Casarecce has it all. Dive deep into the goodness of this sustainable and delicious treat from the comfort of your home!

Artisanal Products and Sustainability 

The way we process, produce and consume foods has a substantial influence on sustainability in society. To sustain traditional methods of production, we must give them the platform to do so. Artisanal products are always better for the environment as they produce little to no waste and are highly ecological which makes them sustainable too. As buyers and consumers of food, we have all the power to change and be ethical about what we buy to support the environment in the long run. 

As buyers and consumers of food, we have all the power to change and be ethical about what we buy to support the environment in the long run.

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